Was Gandhi Killer a Patriot?

BJP Bhopal Lok Sabha Candidate Pragya Singh Thakur says “Nathuram Godse was a ‘deshbhakt’, is a ‘deshbhakt’ and will remain a ‘deshbhakt’. People calling him a terrorist should instead look within, such people will be given a befitting reply in these elections.”

Finally this is what we got: politicians calling Nadhuram Godse, the assassin of Gandhi, a deshbhakt or patriot. Kamal Hassan called Godse, the first Hindu terrorist and Pragya Singh responded to that.

As the British were leaving India, Hindus and Muslims were slaughtering each other. The Muslims would always love to live in a country ruled by sharia. The creation of Pakistan was inevitable. Gandhi realized the situation and wanted peace between Hindus and Muslims. This cost him his life.

Looking back we know what Gandhi did was a good thing. Today India is a secular democracy with a vibrant economy. Pakistan became a synonym for terrorism.

Gandhi used to carry a New Testament wherever he went and took the pacifistic teachings of Jesus seriously. Let us hope our generation will follow in his foot steps.