Cuts & Lacerations

  1. suturing.pngYes, we do repair your cuts and lacerations. The goals of laceration repair are to stop bleeding, avoid infection, restore function to the involved tissues, and minimize scarring as less as possible.
  2. The doctor will first ask you the details of the injury. When, how, what etc.
  3. If you are not up to date on tetanus vaccination, we should give you tetanus prophylaxis.
  4. Taking your consent to do the laceration repair procedure.
  5. We will irrigate your wound with saline or tap water. Foreign body material will be removed from the wound.
  6. The doctor will administer a local anesthetic around the wound. If you have any allergies to chemicals or medications, please let the doctor know.
  7. The doctor will close the wound using suturing or steri-strips or tissue adhesives.
  8. After suturing, you will be advised on how to take care of the wound until suture removal.
  9. When to return to clinic for Suture Removal: 

Face…….Come after 5 days

Scalp…….Come after 7 days

Arms, Trunk, Legs, Hands……..Come after 10-14 days

Palms or soles…….Come after 14 to 21 days.