Our Services

From little things (like school physicals) to bigger things (like sutures for a laceration), Dr.Paul’s Clinic offers a wide range of services to meet your health care needs.

Our compassionate physicians and personable staff are highly qualified to provide urgent care, general medical care, occupational medicine, labs, vaccines, and physicals. If we you need more details, please call us 814 424 2095.

Don’t have time to come to our office? Consider telephone visit. 


1. Migraine Treatment

2. Pink Eye

3. Eye lid problems

4. Ear infections

5. Sinus infections

6. Sore throat/Strep Throat

7. Fever

8. Cough

9. Bronchitis

10. Cold and Flu symptoms

11. Chest Pain

12. Poison Ivy rash

13. Abdominal pain

14. Pelvic pain

15. Bladder & Urinary tract infections

16. High blood pressure

17. Diabetes monitoring

18. Asthma exacerbation (Nebulizer & Oxygen treatment)

19. COPD exacerbation (Nebulizer & Oxygen treatment)

20. Croup

21. Skin bumps and Blisters, Acne through iPLEDGE program 

22. Rashes and Burns

23. Warts & removal

24. Dehydration (IV fluids)

25. Abscess treatment (Incision & Drainage, IV antibiotics)

26. STDs – Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

27. Athlete’s foot

28. Back pain

29. Heart burn & Acid Reflux Disorders

30. Hemorrhoids

31. Jock Itch

32. Kidney infection

33. Vomiting

34. Wheezing

35. Women’s Health

36. Traveler’s Health

37.Emotional Pet Support Evaluation

38. Student Health 

39.International Students 

40. Travel & Deployment Physicals

41. Malaria Prophylaxis


Friendly staff to guide you! 


1. Dog, Cat and Animal bites

2. Tick bites and insect bites

3. Sprains and fractures

4. Joint pains

5. Fractures

6. Cuts and lacerations

7. Work related injuries

8. Burns

9. Minor eye injuries

10. Workers compensation injuries

11. Work restrictions

Diagnostic Tests

1. Blood tests: CBC, CMP, PT/INR etc

2. Urine tests: Pregnancy, UTI, drug screen etc

3. Chemistry testing

4. EKG

5. DOT lab work

6. Breath alcohol testing

7. Cholesterol testing

8. Blood Sugar testing

9. Drug screening

10. STD testing

11. HIV testing

12. Spirometry

13. TB testing:PPD or QuantiFERON Gold


1. Pre-employment physical

2. School physical

3. Sports physical

4. Yearly Well-Woman physical

5. Yearly Mammograms

6. DOT physicals

7. DMV physicals

8. Insurance certification

9. Pre-operative screenings

10. MRO services

11. Maritime Physicals/Coast Guard/Merchant Mariner Physicals 

12. Pre-Deployment Physicals (Contractors, Civilian, Military Personnel)

13. Immigration/ Form I-693 Physical for Greencard/US immigration

Get your form I-693 filled by Dr.Paul, a certified US Civil Surgeon

If you need a Pre-Operative Screening, please visit our physician.

DOT Physicals

action automotive cargo container diesel

Dr.Paul Kattupalli is a DOT certified physician with a national registry number. Please visit us for all your DOT driver license physicals, 7 days a week.


1. Laceration repair

2. Tick removal

3. Foreign body removal

4. Suture removal

5. Nebulization treatments

6. Ingrown toe nail removal

7. Splints/Casting

8. Minor surgeries

9. Joint injections

10. IV fluids

11. Joint aspirations

12. X-rays

13. STD testing

14. Pap smears

15. Birth control (OCPs, Depo shots, Nuva ring, Implanon)

16. Ear cleaning

17. Hazmat screening

Traveler’s Vaccinations

We provide all your travel vaccinations, based on your point of destination. We provide CDC recommended vaccinations including Yellow fever, Typhoid. Malaria prophylaxis is also available.

Weight Loss

1. Nutrition counseling

2. Weight loss counseling

3. FDA-approved medication

(one month supply

included in the price)

MRO Services

Dr.Paul Kattupalli is a certified MRO.

Please call us for all your MRO needs

Patient Safety

Vivitrol Program (for alcoholism & opioid addiction)

Doctor’s visit every four weeks……..$100

When to go to Emergency Room? or Call 911


In the event of a life threatening medical emergency like severe bleeding, shock, chest pain, sudden shortness of breath, DO NOT WAIT! Call medical emergency services at 911 immediately. The emergency department of a hospital is fully staffed and equipped to handle life-threatening emergencies.

Dr.Paul’s Clinic does not treat life-threatening emergencies.