Work Restrictions

Work Restriction

If you are suffering long term consequences from an injury that
limits you from doing certain activities at work, it is important
for you to follow the doctor’s advise and prevent the same injuries
from happening.

Some of these advises include

Less weight lifting
Less or more time to stand or sit
Temporarily take off work for a period of time
A change in equipment (ex. different chair or monitor)
Focus more on what you can do than cannot do

It can be inconvenient to ask your boss for work modification, but it is important for you to comply with your restrictions. No matter what, you health should be your first priority. In most cases, these modifications are temporarily and you can return to your normal duties in no time with the proper preventions.
Some of your restrictions may apply outside or work too, for example lifting heavy things.

The human body is a well designed machine, and it won’t be a surprise if your healing is ahead of schedule. Even in the event where you think you are ready to go beyond your restrictions, you should still follow the same restrictions until your next doctor’s visit.

If you think your injuries are not healing and your job has been provoking the healing process, schedule an appointment with a doctor to go over your condition. It helps a lot if you are able to provide details of your job duties and remain completely honest in your explanations.

If your boss or supervisor ignore your requests after you explained why you have restrictions. Speak to the human resource department or the person in charge of employee’s health. In the event that you are still forced to perform your duties beyond your restrictions, you may consult with an attorney.

Dr. Paul’s Clinic can evaluate your current conditions and provide you with an official work restriction order to help protect yourself. Dr. Paul’s Clinic can also monitor your recovery process and