Workers Compensation Injuries


To be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, your injuries must be work related. Most employments has their own guidelines for qualification of compensation, your injuries must comply with the guidelines to receive the benefits. It can be complicated when you are trying to qualify for injury benefits, you might need to consult with an attorney to work out the details.

The below are some injury situations where you can or cannot qualify for worker’s injury compensation.

Lunch Breaks

On most cases, injuries that happen to you on your lunch break are not covered by your employer. For example, if you were on your lunch break and you headed out to pick up lunch and suffered an ankle sprain, then you most likely will not qualify for worker’s compensation. However, if you were picking up lunch for your supervisor or boss, then you might be covered.

Sponsored Company Events

Many times companies will sponsor events like soccer games, picnics and parties. If you received an injury in these events, then you are more than likely to receive worker’s compensation. For example, if John Doe tripped over a curb and fell on his head resulted in a head injury, then he is probably qualified for worker’s compensation.


Between traveling to and from work, if you received an injury, most likely you will not be covered. However, if you are traveling on the account of the companies, whether its visiting a work site or to meet with a client and received an injury, most likely you will receive worker’s compensation.


If you received an injury while breaking the company’s safety rule, you might still be covered. For example, if you are a life guard and running is prohibited. However, you ended up running to catch a small child from falling and slipped on the slippery ground which resulted in a back injury, most likely you are still covered by worker’s compensation.

Preexisting Conditions

If you have a preexisting condition that were stable, for example you have a metal nail to help reinforce your weak ankle. During work where you had to lift heavy things, you ended up breaking that ankle, you will most likely to be covered by worker’s compensation.

Hearing Loss

If you work in a nosy environment and suffered hearing loss, you will most likely be covered by worker’s compensation

Mental Conditions

Mental conditions can be complicated. If you witnessed a co-worker sustaining a nasty injury and resulted in post traumatic disorder. Your work will most likely to cover it. If you suffer depression from your work environment, you will also likely to receive worker’s compensation.

Overall, to qualify for worker’s compensation might be complicated, and if severe complications were the aftermath, speaking to an attorney might be very useful. If you have questions about whether your injuries are work related or not, Dr. Paul’s Clinic can diagnose you and inform you about the causes of your injury.