Traveler’s Health


As you make travel plans, remember to get required vaccinations before embarking your plane. Our doctor provides you travel vaccinations based on the latest CDC information on your destination.

Doctor consultation: $80

Typhoid vaccine: $150

Cholera Vaccine: $ 300

Hepatitis B vaccine: $70

Prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis, traveler’s diarrhea will be written during your visit. Please call us 814 424 2095 for more information.

Remember that our prices are the lowest in State College.

Planning a Trip?
Dr.Paul’s Clinicprovides travel medicine for you and your family.
Travel medicine reduces the risk of becoming ill when traveling abroad. Depending on the area of the world you are visiting, certain precautions and immunizations are recommended. Pre-travel counseling is designed to maintain the health of all international travelers. You can encounter many foreign illnesses and diseases when you travel to other countries, the most common being Traveler’s diarrhea.

Key areas to consider are vaccinations and the six I’s:
Insects: repellents, mosquito nets, antimalarial medication
Ingestions: safety of drinking water, food
Indiscretion: HIV, sexually transmitted disease
Injuries: accident avoidance, personal safety
Immersion: schistosomiasis
Insurance: coverage and services during travel, access to health care

It is recommended that you should have a medication kit to provide any necessary medication and supplies you may need to keep you safe or treat an illness. Being prepared is the best way to travel.

In addition, if you have returned to the United States and find yourself ill from an illness acquired overseas, please visit our urgent care for prompt treatment and antibiotics if needed.

Please note that your insurance carrier may or may not pay for an exam, vaccinations or post-return care. If you are unsure about coverage, please contact your health insurance carrier to find out more.



Yes, Costa Rica is a beautiful paradise on earth with its stunning natural landscape. But make sure your health is well protected during your travel.

You can visit us and discuss your travel plans, we can advise the vaccinations you need based on CDC recommendations. We can also give refills on your current medications to cover you through the journey.


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