Joint Injections & Aspiration

Joint Injections/Aspirations

Joint injections or aspirations is the process of taking fluids out of a joint. This procedure is usually done in an clinic or hospital setting. Before the draining, local anesthesia is usually used to ease the pain. After the skin is cleaned, a syringe with a needle is inserted. After the insertion, fluids can then be aspirated (obtained) and used for lab testing. Other times, medications are injected into the joint space. The injections of medication also applies to injections into a bursa or tendon to treat bursitis and tendonitis

Common injected joints:

Small joints of hand and feet

Hip joint injection may require the aid of an ultrasound or X-ray called fluoroscopy for guidance.

Joint aspiration

Joint aspiration can help with diagnosis and treatment. Likve mentioned above, the fluid obtained can be examined in a lab to further the precision of the analysis. Drainage of a large joint effusion can provide pain relief and improved mobility.

Joint injections

Joint injections can temporarily decrease pain and stiffness, it can also decrease the accumulation of fluids and cells. They may be given to treat inflammatory joint conditions, such as arthritis, gout, tendonitis, bursitis and, also, osteoarthritis.
Corticosteroids are usually used. Although corticosteroids may also be successfully used in osteoarthritis, their mode of action is less clear.

Of course like all medications, there can be side effects of joint injections. Occasional side effects include allergic reactions to the medication injected. Infections are a rare complication. Another rare complication is post injection flare, the swelling and pain hours after the injections.

Generally speaking, repeated injections into the same joint should be discouraged since it can increase the chance of complications in that specific area.

Joint injections also should not be given if an infection is present inside or around a joint and if someone has a serious allergy to one or more of the medications that are injected into a joint. If an infection is suspected, aspirating the joint to gather cultures is essential.

Dr. Paul’s Clinic offer joint injections and aspiration similar to the above. If you have a joint problem and would like to fix it, come on in to our clinic so we can diagnosis and treat you so you will no longer suffer from the uncomfortableness.