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Vaccines do not cause autism! Flu vaccines do not cause Flu! Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about vaccines. But the truth is vaccines protect your health, even save your life from fatal infectious diseases. Dr.Paul’s Clinic partnered with Vaxcare to provide you the essential vaccines. You can either use your insurance or Self-pay.

Vaccinations we administer:

VaccineSelf-Pay Price
Tdap (Adacel)$90
Hepatitis A (Havrix)$120
Hepatitis B (Engerix)$110
Fluzone High Dose$80
Fluzone Standard Dose$40
Meningococcal vaccine (Menactra) $160
MMR $130
Pnumovax 23 $160
Prevnar 13$260
Shingrix $200
Tenivac $60

Insurances Accepted: Almost all insurances are accepted. Please call us 814 424 2095 for more details. Thank you.