Spirometry is a method to measure how well your lungs function by measuring the air volume during inhalation, air volume during exhalation and rate of exhale.

Many lung/breathing related illnesses like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions can be diagnosed using spirometry. Spirometry may also be used periodically to check whether a treatment for a chronic lung condition is helping you breathe better.

A spirometry should be performed if you have signs or symptoms that may be caused by a chronic lung condition such as:

Chronic bronchitis
Pulmonary fibrosis

If you’ve already been diagnosed with a chronic lung disorder, spirometry may be used periodically to check how well your medications are working and whether your breathing problems are under control. The below is a diagram of how spirometry functions.
During the Test:

You will breathe into a tube attached to a machine called a spirometer.
You will likely be seated during the test.
A clip will be placed on your nose to keep your nostrils closed.
You will take a deep breath and breathe out as hard as you can for several seconds into the tube.
You will need to do the test at least three times to make sure your results are relatively consistent. The highest value among three close test results is used as the final result.
The entire process usually takes less than 15 minutes.
Dr. Paul’s Clinic can also test your lungs. Come on in for a spirometry test and see how your lungs are functioning.