Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenail (onychocrytosis)

Ingrown toenail is painful and can cause an infection. Possible causes of ingrown toenails include:

Improperly trimmed nails
Unfitting shoes
Subungual neoplasms
Excessive pressure
The above causes can push the nail into the lateral nail groove which will produce edema and inflammation of the lateral nail fold. Ingrown toenail is a problem often countered by family physicians. Most patients during the second and third decades of their life has a higher chance of getting an ingrown toenail, however teenagers often develop ingrown toenails after tearing the corners of their toenails.


Treating ingrown toenails often require minor surgeries. Excision of the lateral nail plate combined with lateral matricectomy is the best way to remove the abnormal grown nail. Electrocautery ablation is then used to destroy the exposed nail-forming matrix, creating a new lateral nail fold. When performed correctly, complications such as infections will have little to no chance of occurring.

Dr. Paul’s Clinic has performed toenail surgeries numerous of times. Dr. Paul has polished techniques for removal of the ingrown nail. If you have difficulty in walking and are experiencing pain from your toe, come on in and let us take a look. Further delay treatment of ingrown toenails can cause nasty infections and possibly the loss of the toe.