Ear Cleaning


Ear Cleaning is important from time to time

Having extra unwanted substances such as wax in your ear can affect your hearing. Many people cannot thoroughly clean their ears on their own thus seeking additional medical help. Ear cleaning performed by a doctor can remove enough ear wax that it might seem shocking to you just how much wax an ear can hold.

Ear wax is produced naturally. This wax is an oily substance that is formed by the glands located in the outer ear canal. Ear wax might seem disgusting but it has its uses. Ear wax help to reduce the chances of infection and also help to prevent the entry of insects. Like people, ear wax come in different types, some people may have wet oily wax while some people may have dry wax. Again, some people may produce lots of wax while others produce little. When there is too much wax it can lead to many complications which include:

Help to trap bacteria and result in an infection
Reduced hearing
Unable to use ear plugs
Restrict from swimming.
If q-tips alone is not enough to clean your ear, then you should seek out professional ear cleaning.

Removing Excess Ear Wax with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a common household item found in medicine cabinets and is usually used for cleaning wounds. You can try to remove excess ear wax at home by using over the counter ear wax removal kit or hydrogen peroxide.


Before using hydrogen peroxide, make sure you do not have an ongoing ear infection, severe ear pain or hearing impairment. Do not use hydrogen peroxide on sensitive skin; use normal saline solution or warm water instead. The inner parts of the ear are very delicate and sensitive, do not poke the inner ear with any objects. During cleaning you should also avoid pushing ear wax deeper into the canal which can cause further infection.

Because the cleaning process can be difficult, seeking professional help is recommended. Doctor’s have better equipments to help with better cleaning of the ear. Doctor’s are also trained for slow, steady and precise hand movements that can reduce the complication ear cleaning.

Dr. Paul’s Clinic offer professional ear cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and ear candling. The clinic can evaluate your ear structure and the type of wax you produce to further find the best fitted ear cleaning method.