Pre-Deployment Physicals, State College

United States Army rangers during the military operation

Per MOD Guidelines, all contractor, military, and civilian personnel should complete Pre-Deployment Health Assessment Physicals. They must be certified as medically fit for deployment. They require Special Forms and Tests. We have over 10 year experience in filling out the necessary paperwork and performing required lab work.

Dr.Paul’s Clinic provides:

All in One Stop: All examinations, Medical tests, blood tests, vaccinations

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Medical Clearances for Government Civilian Employees

Medical clearance is a necessity for US government civilian employees deploying abroad. All State Department, USAID, and Foreign Commercial Service employees and family members posted abroad require a medical clearance or waiver. Moreover, a medical evaluation before travel reduces the risk of medical evacuation or reliance on substandard care in the country to which you are traveling.

Dr.Paul’s Clinic Offers the Following Medical Clearances for Civilian US Government Employees:

  • Clinical Evaluations for Employees
  • Clinical Evaluations for Children
  • Complete Blood Work
  • EKGs and Spirometry
  • Any Recommended Vaccines or Medications

Military Deployment Physical Exams

All deploying Service Members must receive a medical evaluation prior to deployment. Dr.Paul’s Clinic can do these physicals whenever you need them.

Dr.Paul’s Clinic Offers the Following Pre-deployment Medical Services:

  • Full Pre-Deployment Medical Exam
  • Visual Acuity Tests and Audiograms
  • Complete Lab Work and Blood Work
  • All Immunizations
  • Individualized Health Advice
  • Complete Malaria Prophylaxis
  • Tuberculosis Skin(PPD) and Blood Testing
  • EKGs
  • Spirometry

Periodic Health Assessments for Reservists

As integral parts of the US military, Reserve Components are continuously called up to active duty to support global operations. The ability to support global military operations is contingent on medical readiness to minimize fewer medical evacuations.  Dr.Paul’s Clinic can provide tailored exams and testing to keep you ready to serve as quickly and as effectively as possible.

group of rangers was ambushed and returned fire leads

Dr.Paul’s Clinic Offers the Following Periodic Health Assessments for Reservists:

  • Overall Current Health Assessment
  • Identification of Health Risk Factors
  • Recommendations to Minimize Potential Health Risks
  • All Immunizations Recommended by the Reserve Health Readiness Program or Service Component Direction

Post-travel Evaluation and Medical Care

According to the CDC, travel-related health problems have been reported in as many as 22%–64% of travelers to developing countries. Although most of these illnesses are mild, up to 8% of travelers are ill enough to seek care from a medical provider. Most post-travel infections become apparent soon after travel, but incubation periods vary, and some syndromes can present months to years after initial infection.

Engraving from 1868 showing Hagar in the Wilderness as told in the Bible.

Dr.Paul’s Clinic has 10+ years of experience in accurately examining and treated patients with travel-related diseases.   Our board-certified physicians are uniquely trained to review the specifics of itineraries, look closely at the timing of symptoms in relation to travel, review any vaccines received and prophylaxis used and incorporate into individual exposure to work towards a specific diagnosis and treatment plan.