Pre-Operative/Pre-Surgery Clearance


Before you go for a surgery, it is important that your physician evaluate you for any risks and complications of the surgical procedure you are going to have. This should focus especially on your heart and lungs because they carry out many vital functions of your body.

Common things to identify before surgery:

  1. Your overall health status.
  2. Identify any heart problems such as valvular stenosis or regurgitation.
  3. Any hypertension?
  4. Any sleep apnea?
  5. Any difficulty in breathing or walking?

Our doctor will take your full health history, do a physical examination, and some times might order  tests like EKG, blood tests (CBC, CMP), spirometry to measure your lung function etc.

black sphygmomanometer

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We will also check your blood pressure to evaluate the risk of blood pressure related complications before, during and after your surgery. Please visit us or make an appointment online.