Telephone Visits: the Convenience of Telemedicine

man having a phone call in front of a laptop

Cut the Waiting Line & Talk to the Doctor Directly 

PHONE NUMBER TO CALL : 814 424 2095

PHONE NUMBER TO TEXT: 814 810 7696  

Need a refill on your medication?

Need an antibiotic for a sinus infection or ear infection?

Need a Lab order to check cholesterol, vaccine status etc?

Wants to talk to a doctor but can’t leave home because of lack of transportation or lack of a baby sitter?

A busy schedule and you don’t have time to visit our clinic or our doctor?

Then, please call our office for a quick telephone visit. For a flat rate $50 paid with a credit card or pay pal or check or cash, our doctor will take your history, come to a reasonable diagnosis and/or prescribe a medication, which goes to your pharmacy electronically.

Telephone Consults are available to all patients located in the State of Pennsylvania.

If the doctor thinks your problem is simple enough to be treated with a prescription called to your pharmacy, that is all you need. But if he thinks you will need a physical examination or more care, he will advise you to visit our clinic or go to ER.

Please note controlled medications are not prescribed through telephone visits. Only non-controlled medications such as antibiotics, blood pressure medications, steroids, birth control medications, lung medications, stomach medications, non-narcotic pain medications, depression medications etc are prescribed via telephone calls.

Available every day from 7 AM to 9 PM. Pharmacies close by 9 pm, so we advise to call at least before 8:30 pm. 

Typical Telephone Scenarios:

-You got flu like symptoms and want Tamiflu called to your pharmacy.

-You got allergy, and want prednisone called to your pharmacy.

-You got a nasty cough or sinus infection and want a z pack or antibiotic called to your pharmacy.

-You want a mammogram or x ray and want an order sent to an imaging center.

-You want your cholesterol checked and want a test order sent to a lab

-Your doctor is out of town and you need a refill sent to your pharmacy

-You ran out of your birth control pills, and you need a refill sent to your pharmacy.

-You just want to have a doctor’s opinion on the condition you or your family member is having right now.

PHONE NUMBER TO CALL: 814 424 2095 

PHONE NUMBER TO TEXT: 814 810 7696