Health Promotion

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Life style modification: Obesity, Smoking, Alcoholism

Number ONE cause of preventable morbidity in the United States is: TOBACCO. Stop consuming tobacco.


Primary: Immunizations

Secondary: Screening

Tertiary: How to help patient when the disease is already here.

Quaternary: Don’t do unnecessary things; Pap tests after the age of 65; Hemoccult after normal colonoscopy. Join ‘Choosing Wisely Campaign’.

-A Great App to see Preventive Health Services. Please go to the following site to download US Preventive Health Services recommendations.

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Obesity: BMI over 25, is overweight.

BMI over 30 is Obese.

Watch Weight of the Nation Documentary.

*Physical Activity Guidelines: 

Work on muscle groups two or more days of a week.

Moderate Aerobic Activity: 150 minutes/week (Brisk Walking)

Vigorous Aerobic Activity: 75 minutes/week (Jogging or Running)


Acceptable, Men less than or equal to 2 drinks per day; Women less than or equal to 1 drink per day.

-Primary Prevention:

Example: Immunizations.

You can save 50,000 adult lives per year using vaccines.

In children, 730,000 deaths could be prevented.

=Breastfeeding is NOT a contradiction to vaccines. (Check this website for vaccine recommendations)

=Children with a history of sexual assault should be vaccinated against HPV starting at 9 years of age.

=Tdap is safe during pregnancy.

=Don’t use these vaccines in pregnancy: MMR, Varicella, HPV, Influenza LAV


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