Always Report Suspected Child Abuse

Look for Physical Signs like bruises, burns, cigarette marks,  that do not match parent or guardian’s description.

What do you need to make a report of abuse? REASONABLE cause to suspect abuse. You don’t need firm evidence of abuse. Anyone with reasonable cause to suspect abuse should report child abuse.

-Who should report suspected child abuse:

Mandated reporters: Must report suspected child abuse.Required by the Law.  Includes all health care workers, foster parents, funeral directors, coroners, coaches (both paid and unpaid), school employees, physical education teachers, online teachers,  librarians, spiritual leaders, law enforcement officers, attorneys, anyone with direct contact with children in their employment, independent contractors etc. Call ChildLine immediately.

Permissive reporters: Encouraged to report suspected child abuse.

-ANYONE with reasonable cause to suspect that a child is a victim of abuse should report.

Children of color are overrepresented in the child welfare system at alarming rates.

Visit or call ChildLine 1-800-932-0313 to report suspected child abuse.


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