Opioid Addiction: Basic Facts

-7 people a day die of opioid addiction in Pennsylvania alone.

-chronic non-cancer pain is real.

-over 16000 deaths per year in the United States.

Follow prescribing guidelines.

-Chronic Pain is a major health problem. It disturbs their daily life, work and functionality.

-Acute pain starts suddenly, may stop after a few weeks.

-Doctor shopping is on the rise.

-State limitations:

– each prescription is issued for a legitimate medical purpose.

-people addicted to opioids are 40 times more likely to use heroin.

-Pills are for Ills, Not thrills: go to the website


-to treat pain, use physical therapy, cognitive behavior therapy beside medications.

-Understand the risks and benefits of opioid treatment

-Get Opioid Treatment Agreement

-Sign the Contract

-Do random urine drug screens

-don’t use marijuana or other street drugs

-Don’t divert your medication.

-Good moral values also help: Don’t lie or steal.

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